Good ways to build your email list

Every time we review results from a fundraising campaign (I mean, EVERY SINGLE TIME) our clients realize how much more money they could have raised if they only had a bigger email list.

Don’t live your life filled with regret, check out these tips on how to build your non-profit organization’s email list.

Invite your social media followers to your email list

We like these tips from Cause Vox, especially the section on social media, that explains how you can encourage your audience to subscribe by updating your Instagram bio, making posts count, and taking advantage of Facebook features.

Offer something of clear value to subscribers

What do your subscribers get from signing up for your email list? People are more likely to subscribe if you offer content that is worth their time. This article from Constant Contact gives great examples of different free resources you can use to create value in each email you send to your supporters.

Collect email addresses at events

Make sure to always offer an easy and accessible way for people to sign up for your email list at all of your events. Tip #4 in this article from Capital Business lays out different options to try at your next event.

Ask subscribers to share

Call upon your current subscriber to spread the word about supporting your amazing cause. The fourth and fifth tips in this Get Fully Funded article give details on making it easy for your newsletter subscribers to share with their contacts and using your email signature as a promotional tool.

Implement cross-promotions

If your organization is offering unique, rewarding content, other organizations will find your content valuable too. Tip #8 from this article from Classy gives the fabulous suggestion to find other organizations to partner with to promote each other’s information.