Fundraising Strategy for Today’s Donors

Online fundraising is growing faster than all types of fundraising. This is how your donors want to give, but too many non-profits are feeling left behind by technology.

Here’s the truth, though: organizations that are raising the most online don’t rely on fundraising technology, they rely on good donor strategy that makes smart use of technology.

Our practice focuses on smart fundraising that combines old-school fundraising with shiny new technology skills. We help fundraisers get better results by being more strategic and tech-savvy. Our process helps organizations understand their donors, connect with them in a meaningful way, uncover missed opportunities, and create fundraisers they are proud of.

Our fundraising consulting practice helps your organization:

Increase donors to your organization (we're talking all kinds of donors here: individual, corporate, and foundation)

Make donors feel thanked and appreciated

Grow and scale your fundraising year over year

Raise money without being relentless, annoying, or salesy

We start with a free one hour conversation about your organization. Drop us a line at info@nullgoodwaysinc.com to get started!


Percentage of email messaging that accounts for total online revenue

Source: M+R Benchmarks 2017


Percentage of respondents that want companies to address important social justice issues

Source: 2017 Cone Communications CSR Study


of respondents think volunteerism provides an improved sense of purpose

Source: Deloitte 2017 Volunteerism Study

people made donations to non-profit organizations on #GivingTuesday in 2017

Source: GivingTuesday.org


of those who engage with non-profits via social media are inspired to take further action

Stats source: Nonprofit Tech for Good


of donors said that they are more likely to stop supporting not-for-profits that communicate and ask too often

Source: Burk Donor Survey