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Fundraising Strategy

Online fundraising is growing faster than all types of fundraising. In 2017, online fundraising in the last few days of the year increased by a whopping 38% over the year before.

Donor Engagement Support

There is one sure-fire way to raise more money from your campaigns. It doesn’t cost a lot and technically speaking it’s easy.

Fundraising Support and Training

We offer consulting services to help you increase your capacity for all types of fundraising.

Better Results From Your Fundraising Campaigns


Tips and tales of non-profit success in fundraising, board development, and doing good. Each episode features an interview with a non-profit about the tactics used to raise funds and impact.

Responding to Emerging Needs
Responding to Emerging Needs

Season 3, Episode 3 of the How We Run podcast shows how one organization is moving quickly to respond to the emerging needs of their community. In this episode, we’re talking to Porter Gilberg,...

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How to Make Your Case to Funders
How to Make Your Case to Funders

Season 2, Episode 6 of the How We Run podcast we follow up on Trent's advice that organizations need to be using their 990s as marketing documents. So we followed up with an organization that caught...

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Latest Articles

A Guide to Donor Surveys

Good ways to get to know your donors and keep them We see non-profit organizations spend a lot of time speculating about why donors choose to make donations. But rather than spending time assuming what your donors think, try asking them. Donor surveys are the perfect...

Good ways to build your email list

Every time we review results from a fundraising campaign (I mean, EVERY SINGLE TIME) our clients realize how much more money they could have raised if they only had a bigger email list. Don’t live your life filled with regret, check out these tips on how to build your...

The Simplest Fundraising Plan

January is the time to put the finishing touches on your fundraising plan and to think big about what your non-profit wants to achieve for the year. The simplest fundraising plan has the following parts: Summary of your past fundraising results How much came in last...


How Did Your Last Fundraising Campaign Measure Up?

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