A Thank You Page That Keeps Donors Coming Back

The unsung hero of the donation process is the thank you page – that page your donors get to after they make a donation. Too often these pages look clinical and boring. We once saw one that just said “Thank you for your donation” on a plain white page. 

So while this might be the last page you think about when you map out a donation journey, from your donor’s point of view it’s the first page they see after starting their relationship with you. It’s when they are the most excited about you. So don’t blow it. 

Check out these tips and resources to improve your thank you page: 


Build your relationship with your donors

Don’t stop at thank you. Now that you have your donor’s undivided attention, use your thank you page to deepen your connection to them and encourage more action. This article from Wired Impact offers a list of things you can include like adding social media links, additional content, or a donor survey.


Use images to visually convey gratitude

Think about ways to delight your donors with videos and images to say thank you. Enhance their experience and make it memorable. You can find some examples of visually appealing thank you pages from Nonprofit Tech for Good here.


Make your thank you unique

Remember, for first-time donors, this is their first thank you. For all your donors it’s an opportunity to show your appreciation for their support. Avoid generic language and inspire them with the work that your organization is doing. This CauseVox article suggests you go bold (literally making the words bold but also using bold language).


Personalize your message

Keep your donor’s attention by using their name or other donation information on the thank you page to hold their interest. See this resource from Torchbox for some examples of personalization.


Show donors their impact immediately

Your donor needs to know their contribution makes a difference. Use your thank you page to show donors they are an important part of the impact story. This Qgiv article shows a way it can be done simply with just a picture and a few sentences. This article from The Balance Small Business suggests using client testimonials.  


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