Asking volunteers to be donors

A big issue in fundraising is asking donors to give when they haven’t even been engaged with your organization. So then why do we so often ignore the MOST engaged members of our organization – our volunteers?

From a digital marketing perspective, your volunteers can be some of your most loyal click-throughs and your most powerful peer-to-peer fundraisers. You just need to cultivate a digital relationship with them.

Here are a few ways to create an online relationship with volunteers:

  • Create opportunities for your volunteers to post on social media – whether that’s an “instagrammable” visual at your organization, creating a volunteer of the month post, or using your social media accounts to shout out the good work of volunteers, you can use social media tools to create a digital relationship with your volunteers.
  • Make sure your volunteers are on your email list. And that when they get on your list they receive a tailored welcome series that acknowledges their special status as a volunteer.
  • Create a separate fund for volunteers to fundraise around special needs. Involve them in brainstorming campaigns. Consider a small fundraising campaign just for volunteers, with separate goals and campaign visuals.
  • Create a culture of philanthropy by asking volunteers to help thank donors on occasion.
  • Use volunteer stories in your fundraising appeals.


There is so much good stuff written about cultivating volunteers to be donors. Check out these great resources: