A Guide to Effective Non-Profit Donation Pages

Good ways to increase donations

The best kind of fundraising is the kind that consistently delivers, day after day. One of our favorite tactics to increase your fundraising effectiveness is working on your donation page. Not only can it increase the NUMBER of donations you get every year, but it can also increase the SIZE of those donations. 

Here are some of our favorite tips on creating effective donation pages: 

Make it donor friendly

It’s essential to make your donation page easy to navigate. Donor-friendly donation pages have an inspiring call to action, include straightforward giving options, have a responsive donation form, share information that builds trust, and include contact info. This WiredImpact article gives ten great examples of donor-friendly donation pages.


Make it simple

Once people are on your website, you want to make sure your donation form is simple to find and fill out. The fewer steps, clicks, and fields needed to complete a donation, the better. sgENGAGE further explains the most effective optimizations you can make for your donation forms.


Include a reason to give on the donation page

Don’t assume visitors on your donation page are already fully motivated to give. Including more specific language and providing an abundance of clarity on exactly how a donation will be used can lead to more gifts. This NextAfter article shares an example of a donation page that got a 68% increase in donations due to specificity and clarity.


Remove extra links

We dug up this Wired Impact article with simple suggestions on creating a better donation form, like removing any links that may direct potential donors away from your donation page. The number one thing you want people to do when visiting your donation form is to give. Removing any extra distractions will help make that happen.


Give your donation form personality 

Custom-branded donation pages make donors feel secure about making a gift which increases average gift size and the likelihood of a second gift. CauseVox provides some great examples of the best non-profit donation pages.


Optimize for mobile

This Mor Web article explains making your donation page mobile-optimized can result in more online donations. Design your donation page with mobile-responsive automation to ensure it’s easy to view on different screen sizes, easy to interact with and navigate from any device, and has a “donate” button clearly displayed at all times.  


Be strategic with donation tiers

Donation tiers provide donors with guidance for giving. Use between 4-6 tiers with the suggested dollar amount and a short description for each value. We recommend this CauseVox article for more insight on looking at your data to determine the value of your donation tiers. 


Create different types of donation pages

Don’t assume a single donation page is sufficient. Donors come with a variety of motivations. Align your pages with your donors’ motivations by utilizing general, campaign, and “instant” donation pages. This CXL article gives great examples and details of how to implement each type successfully.


For even more inspiration and help, check out these articles for examples of donation pages: