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Online fundraising is growing faster than all types of fundraising. In 2017, online fundraising in the last few days of the year increased by a whopping 38% over the year before.

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There is one sure-fire way to raise more money from your campaigns. It doesn’t cost a lot and technically speaking it’s easy.

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We offer consulting services to help you increase your capacity for all types of fundraising.

Better Results From Your Fundraising Campaigns


Tips and tales of non-profit success in fundraising, board development, and doing good. Each episode features an interview with a non-profit about the tactics used to raise funds and impact.

Latest Articles

Creating Donor Personas for Your Non-Profit

Raise more money by understanding your donor types One of the hardest things to do is write a fundraising message to someone you don’t know. That’s where developing donor personas can help you. Donor personas are just an imaginary profile of how a typical donor...

Seven types of non-profit emails

One great way to bore your audience is to repeatedly send the same email over and over again. (“Too many asks” is probably the number one reason your donors unsubscribe). But this is an easy problem to fix by developing different types of emails for different...

A Guide to Effective Non-Profit Donation Pages

Good ways to increase donations The best kind of fundraising is the kind that consistently delivers, day after day. One of our favorite tactics to increase your fundraising effectiveness is working on your donation page. Not only can it increase the NUMBER of...


How Did Your Last Fundraising Campaign Measure Up?

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