Whether you want to train your team, your Board, or yourself in fundraising we have a few training opportunities:

Next training:

UCLA Extension: Digital Fundraising

Starting on May 7, 2018, this 6-week class is offered through UCLA extension and is taught online (yay, stay in your sweatpants!). In this class we cover the tools and strategies you’ll need to start or improve online fundraising at your organization. Sign up to be notified about this class. 


Available trainings:

  • “I hate fundraising” – Sometimes your Board just needs to talk it out, right? In this short training we cover my
  • Stratplanths and fact about fundraising and talk about the very important role Board members play in the financial health of the organization. Using best practices from other Boards (who also hate fundraising), we end with personalized plans for each Board Member.
  • Giving Tuesday – A short training for small non-profits on how to approach Giving Tuesday and other giving days. Includes best practices on writing fundraising emails. A great training for associations.
  • Online fundraising overview – If one more person suggests to you that “we need an ice bucket challenge” don’t punch them in the face. Call us and we can give your organization or Board a quick class in online giving trends, best practices, and why throwing ice on your head may of may not work for you.

Survey source: The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s top management tools.

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