There is one sure-fire way to raise more money from your campaigns. It doesn’t cost a lot and technically speaking it’s easy.

Organizations that do it raise twice, even three times as much as organizations that don’t.

It’s simply keeping in touch with your donors all year long. (Notice we did not say “sending a newsletter.”)

The problem is it’s hard to find the time to get monthly, let alone bi-monthly emails and social media posts

out to your donors with consistency. Especially if you’re a Development Director that is also the Director of Communications (and probably a hundred other job titles too).

We feel so passionately about this that we’ve developed a special program designed to reduce the time you spend on communication, emails, and those dreaded newsletters. All you have to do is commit to a monthly call where you talk through the stories and impact of your organization. You provide the content and we’ll turn your stories and pictures into:

  • An article for your website
  • A donor email to send to supporters (and those that you want to be supporters)
  • Social media posts

And all you have to do is commit to a monthly brainstorming call.



Stats source: Nonprofit Tech for Good

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